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e2PMI 1:4 fanzine published

The Fourth (November) issue of e2PMI has been published! It's available at

Please check it out! Share it with your friends. And of course, submit for the December issue! Deadline is 15 December.

Hugo Awards online

On Sunday, September 5, the Hugo Awards will be livecast online (text only) at the Official Hugo Awards website.

Melbourne is in the UTC (GMT) + 10 timezone.

Hugo Award Times around the world (all times 5 September for some weird reason):

Melbourne, Australia (Hugo Local Time): 8pm

San Francisco, California (US Pacific Daylight Time): 3am
Atlanta, Georgia (US Eastern Daylight/DragonCon Time): 6am
London, United Kingdom (British Summer Time): 11am
Moscow, Russia (Moscow Daylight Time): 2pm
Hong Kong, China: 6pm
Melbourne, Australia (Hugo Local Time): 8pm
Aukland, New Zealand: 10pm

I "love" Lj

just what we needed. New inter-page commercials that you can't close.

"Should I serve meat at my wedding?"

fierynotes made a post out of a comment somewhere else. I'm doing the same because my thoughts got long and out of hand. His post is very much worth reading, I think he's spot on. For context, I've stolen his post title.

1. Our teeth prove we're omnivores, not herbivores. Hell, chimps, bonobos and gorillas are all omnivores. Gorillas are closest to herbivores, but they do take a little protein now and then.

2. When I eat raw fish (sushi) it's friggin' DEAD. When I eat a raw carrot, it's friggin' ALIVE. Who's eating ethically? Plant cells stay alive and capable of reproduction until they're cooked or start to rot, animal cells don't.

3. Just be goshdurn grateful you live in a place and time where you can actually have a choice in whether you eat meat or not for a particular meal. For about 4 billion of the 6.6 billion on the planet when or if they get meat is not a choice.

4. Trying to force, rather than lead by example and persuasion, someone else into your worldview, is just friggin' ugly.

5. It's the bride and groom's day. They should do whatever the hell they want. If their "friends" complain, fuck 'em. If their family complains, fuck 'em.

6. All this said, serving at least some portion of vegetarian/vegan dishes at a gathering is not out of line, and has become the polite thing to do. Just as serving dishes without seafood or nuts for those with allergies, you serve dishes without animal products out of thoughfulness for your guests. Unfortunately with the allergy dishes proper care is not always taken so those dishes too often become contaminated.

Stay Lifted

You may now resume your civil rights (well, some of you anyway).

[yes, yes, the stay is continued until the 18th, Shitty, but ah well.]

Aug. 11th, 2010

"RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges state, territorial, and tribal governments to eliminate all of their legal barriers to civil marriage between two persons of the same sex who are otherwise eligible to marry."


Patricia Neal, 84.

Klaatu barada nikto in peace

via ericreynolds


Kagan confirmed to SCOTUS.

Aug. 2nd, 2010

I've written a lot of comments in the last few days. Deleted most of them before posting. Be glad. No, none nasty, just stoopid.

I got to do some consulting today and will again tomorrow on exhibits for a local musuem, one I used to work at.

I'm going to a couple of events this month. One is a talk about book-apps for iStuff, focused on travel writng, but should be useful to extemporize upon. Another is a talk/workshop on publishing. Should be interesting.

I picked up a boook on Careers in Publishing today (though I didn't bring it home). They had nothing too interesting to say, for me. But they had an interesting TOC.

They listed the following job titles under "Book Publishing"

The List - cut for lengthCollapse )

I found the list interesting, though somewhat worrying in the author categories.

Separete entries for "Novelist" and "Children's and Young Adult Book Author" - and only those for fiction. I know/know of quite a few authors. Most of them that are involved with books (rather than short stories) are "Novelists and Young Adult Book Authors", a few do novel and children's, but I'm not aware of many, if any that do YA and Children's. Unless they also do non-YA novels as well.

Besides that, I thought some of you small press people out there should know how many job titles you can claim, just for fun.

Jul. 30th, 2010

Yes, this is from one of those forwarded emails. I thought it was funny enough to repost. Yes, too, it's not new.
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